Group history

Agro Guard Group Pakistan – One of the leading groups in Pakistan, initiated formation of its  activities with the Leadership Qualities of its management team and a humble beginning by  setting up Onyx Enterprise in the year 2004.

By the Grace of Almighty, Agro Guard Group Agro Division formally started off its operations  on 20th   Nov 2012 as twenty (20) Sales Champions showed their full confidence and utmost trust  in their visionary leadership and announced their participation in Agro Guard Group. This galaxy  of champi-ons has already lightened the agro industry with their glare and set the unbeatable  benchmarks for generations to come.

One of the Group’s major strength is its strong relationship with International manufacturers  while being the reliable source for the open ended requirements of its royal and dedicated  customers of Pakistan. The Group’s core competency lies in “Believing in Synergy and its  Limitless Power of Unifying”. Our philosophy is not limited to satisfy our valued customers  but extends to the realms of strong customer relations, investor interactions and market trends,  analysis and technological advancements.

There is also another prestigious joint venture which took place with Arif Traders in year 2013 to  organize, construct and operate a state-of-the art Micro fertilizer and Pesticide Formulation Plant.

Vision and Mission

Group Vision

To be leading organization by enhancing value to our customers, by caring for employees to work  as a motivated team in an open and learning environment, setting challenging new standards of   performance while focusing on total quality, innovation and responsible care towards society.

Group Mission

Manufacturing and supplying of quality crop protection chemicals, micro fertilizers and certified seeds.  Providing solution to optimize farm productivity for farmer through high quality, innovative and cost  effective products to provide the customer better value for money.

Growth strategies

Agro Guard has pursued a strategy of continuous expansion, branded product development, thrust on  registration and aggressive marketing.

Research & Development

Working closely with customers in the market place, Agro Guard Group recognizes the requirement of highest level support in product research, development and registration. Capability in applied R & D is one of Agro Guard Group’s major corporate strength. Our R & D strategy is based upon continuous investment in innovative products which are user and environment friendly as well as essential for the growth of the crop protection companies.

Product Development

We have aim to precisely meet the needs of our current and emerging markets across the country through development and introduction of existing and new products. These products are developed not only to meet but exceed our customer’s expectations in the area of quality and performance. We are constantly striving to develop new products which will be beneficial for our customers.