Agro Guard Foods

“Agro Guard Group now going to install a complete rice husking plant as well as seed processing   plant for Rice, Wheat and Maize seed”

The Project will be a composite manufacturing complex where the Rice processing will be  done in a state of the art high-tech plants including Cleaning, Drying, Husking and Packing   machinery. The project envisages installation of Storage Silo’s and ancillary equipments from  well known manufacturers. The seeds will mainly be marketed in the local market through the   Agro Guard Group’s vast dealers/franchisee network to facilitate local farmer for having access   to high quality seeds. The group is also planning to enter into seed multiplication agreement in   its own farms with some of the world’s major seeds processing companies. In this scenario, the   bulk of the seeds will be exported to the contracted companies thus creating a great opportunity   for Pakistani farmers to fetch value added prices for their produce.