Agro Guard Fertilizers

Agro Guard fertilizers is basically a research and production wing with a mandate to develop  novel combinations of micro and macro nutrients, together with growth regulators and growth   promoters, specific to different crops. We take pride in being the pioneers in this industry and   giving new trends to agribusiness industry.

Our famous brands like Mega, Kangroo, Power Guard, Fruit Green, Soghat, Hi-Field, Boro  Guard, Zinguard, Flora-K, Flora-K Plus, Root Guard, Root Guard Plus, Fast Grow, Gulp,   Ibiza, and Fawaka have become industry standards. The products have unique combinations of   micro and macro nutrients targeting different segments of the market as per need of the specific   soil and crops. Our next product from this wing is true Potassium Humate. The test supply to the   market has proven it to be a very good product and we aim to take over 40% of the market in   next couple of years.